Spelling week 4 – 28th September 2020

Year 3

Words with ‘a’ sound spelt ‘ear’











Year 4

Adding the prefix ‘il-‘ before a root word starting with ‘l’ and the prefix ‘ir-‘ before a root word starting with ‘r’













Homework – Wednesday 23rd September 2020

Good Afternoon,

Can I please remind all parents that homework must be completed by 9am on the following Monday.

I would like all children to go on the following website and practise getting faster at the following tables; x2, x5, x10 then x3, x4, x6, x8.


They can try the games and the speed tests.

Also, can they read chapter 3 of Horis Humdrum (Please DO NOT COMPLETE THE TEST FOR YOUR CHILD), you may support only. It causes confusion when they don’t understand the follow-on tasks in class if, they have not read the chapter by themselves.

Thank you for supporting us with this 🙂

Horis Humdrum and Splotch

Mrs Quigley will read chapter 4 in class on Monday morning with comprehension activities and they will revisit the questions from previous chapter, so it is important they have read it themselves and understood it.

Thank you

Mrs Roberts

Homework – Wednesday 16th September 2020

Fiction Express

Please read CHAPTER 1 ONLY

We will read chapter 2 in class on Monday, so all children need to have completed reading by Monday morning.

Horis Humdrum and Splotch

Chapter 1 only and answer the 10 questions

  • I will be able to see when you have read the chapter and completed the questions.


Your child will have a laminated sheet to practise handwriting. Some children will have a whiteboard pen too. This will be yours to keep. 10 minutes practice 4 to 5 times a week will have a huge impact.

Any queries please see me.


Grinshill Class – Welcome back to school

Autumn 2020 hills mountains and coasts

The link above shows what we will be covering in Grinshill this year.


Good Morning Everyone!

It is so lovely to welcome you all back to school.

The staff and I are very excited to be welcoming you back to school.

Key Information for Grinshill Class:

  • Start 9.00am Key stage 2 playground – Handover and temperature check- Prompt drop-off as other classes will be waiting to welcome their children.
  • Finish 3.10pm Key stage 2 playground (Collection prompt please)
  • PE days – children come to school in PE kit – Monday and Friday commencing 7th September 2020
  • NO BAGS (If possible) IN SCHOOL
  • Water bottle/snack (Healthy), packed lunch (If not having school dinner) and coat only in cloakroom.
  • Any money for lunches in an envelope and put in post box outside office – please DO NOT give money to children.

Our topic this term is coasts, hills and mountains. I am hoping to take the children on a trip after half term to a coastal resort possibly Barmouth or Fairbourne. This will be dependant on COVID 19/ DFE regulations. Maths and English will be taught in a mastery style to ensure a deeper understanding and fluency for the children.


We will be limiting the amount of books leaving school so homework may be online. If your child has issues getting online I need to know as soon as possible. Homework will be listed on the homework page on this website – Normally this goes out on a Wednesday due in on Friday.


These will be printed each week on the website spelling page, please use this to practise with your child for at least 5 minutes per day to become fluent. Spelling books will not be going home. Spellings will be issued to children on a Monday morning and will be tested the following Monday.


I expect children to be reading for a minimum of 15 minutes 5 days per week. This will ensure progression.

Thank you for supporting your child this year in Grinshill

Best wishes

Mrs Roberts

Class Teacher/ Deputy Headteacher


Spellings – 13th July

Year 2

Question words, SPaG terms

who, why, what, how, which, where, when, adjective, adverb, verb

Year 3

Silent letters

build, guide, guard, wheat, whale, honest, whirl, gnome, gnaw, surprise.

Year 4

Adverbials of manner

awkwardly, frantically, curiously, obediently, carefully, rapidly, unexpectedly, deliberately, hurriedly, reluctantly