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Homework 16th March

Homework Wednesday 16th March 2022

Please go on this website and practise 4, 6 and 8 times tables on speed test and have a go at the fun games section for all tables learnt so far.


If you want to play with more tables not learnt like 7, 9 and 12 that will be fine.

Then complete these:

16th March homework

Homework – Wednesday 6th October 2021

I would like the children to watch the following video on a homemade volcano

Then you can do the following, pick just 1

  1. Do the experiment and draw a volcano erupting.
  2. Do the experiment and make your own volcano to bring into school.
  3. Do the experiment and write about the whole process involved, include facts on magma and lava and the Igneous rock process.

Have fun!

Work for children in isolation

Maths – Try to do these in order, if it has a worksheet I will attach.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 2 work

Day 2 Answers

Day 3

Day 3 work

day 3 answers


Day 4

day 4 work

day 4 answers



In class we have been making a fact file about seals.

You can include sub-headings for each section, such as; behaviour, appearance and eating habits. You can have as many as you like. You must write a short paragraph about each section to include noun phrases, expanded noun phrases and prepositions. You can include pictures and drawings.


You can follow spellings on Grinshill spelling page.

Times Tables

Continue to practise x2, x3, x5, x10

You can play games and complete speed tests to check your understanding.


You can go on Reading Eggs


Yesterday we looked at different rocks – you could go on a rock hunt in your garden, then describe the rocks using scientific language, like; bumpy, smooth, sharp and colourful to name a few. When you have written some sentences you can then draw your rock including colours.


You can go on Education City


We have been looking at the Baptism of Jesus and John the Baptist, you could find the story and draw a picture to explain what happened.


Stone Age – This week we looked at how you would collect food in the Stone Age as hunter gatherers.

  1. If you had a spear what could you eat?
  2. Which foods could you hunt?
  3.  Which foods could you gather?

Write a paragraph about it and a picture.

There will be more work loaded W/C 20th September



Homework Wednesday 8th September 2021

This term we will be focusing heavily on times tables.

This week I have sent homework on Education City

The children have a login that was handed out and stuck into reading log books on Monday. (If your child has lost it, do not panic, just contact the office and a new one can be sent home.)

Go to homework and you should find this weeks homework 8th September to complete.

This week we are looking at x2 x3 x5 x10

x2 x5 x10 should be fluent to your child as these were learnt in year 2.

This needs to be completed by Monday 13th September 2021.

Thank you

Mrs Roberts

Grinshill class working in isolation – ONLY




Monday 28th JUne

monday 28th June answers




Tuesday 29th June

Tuesday 29th June answers



Wednesday 30th June

Wednesday 30th June answers



Thursday 1st July

Thursday 1st July answers


End of unit assessment

(Don’t cheat – try to do as much as you can without using the internet or parents’) 🙂

Properties-of-Shape end of unit assessment



  1. Can you write about Zeraffa Girraffa, arriving in Paris? What can she see? How does she feel? Try to use all of the grammar we have earnt this term.
  2. Spelling mistake work – Year 3 and 4 Correct the Spelling Mistake                                             answers Year 3 and 4 Correct the Spelling Mistake Answers
  3. Spelling word mazes – spelling word mazes
  4. You can also choose a book of your liking from Fiction Express work through questions and extra activities.

Hope to see you back in class soon

Mrs Roberts



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