Homework – Wednesday 23rd September 2020

Good Afternoon,

Can I please remind all parents that homework must be completed by 9am on the following Monday.

I would like all children to go on the following website and practise getting faster at the following tables; x2, x5, x10 then x3, x4, x6, x8.


They can try the games and the speed tests.

Also, can they read chapter 3 of Horis Humdrum (Please DO NOT COMPLETE THE TEST FOR YOUR CHILD), you may support only. It causes confusion when they don’t understand the follow-on tasks in class if, they have not read the chapter by themselves.

Thank you for supporting us with this 🙂

Horis Humdrum and Splotch

Mrs Quigley will read chapter 4 in class on Monday morning with comprehension activities and they will revisit the questions from previous chapter, so it is important they have read it themselves and understood it.

Thank you

Mrs Roberts