Homework – Wednesday 25th November 2020

Good Afternoon,


  1. Read the next chapter in our book and complete quiz.
  2. Practise spellings please.
  3. Recite the 3 x tables to your parents and ask them to quiz you. You must answer in less than 3 seconds. We have got quite good in class. 🙂
  4. http://www.mental-arithmetic.co.uk/3-x-Table-Worksheet-1.pdf
  5. Can you work out the following problems? Show working out (You can email your answers roberts.s@bomereheath.shropshire.sch.uk)
  1. Jones picks 3 flowers a day starting on Monday. How many does she have by Sunday?
  2. There are 7 windows on a house. How many windows on 3 houses?
  3. I have 33 cookies and can fit 3 cookies into a box. How many boxes will I need?

Have fun!

Mrs Roberts