lockdown work Grinshill – Tuesday 5th January 2021(Updates)

Good Morning!

I was really hoping to see you all in the classroom today, but I will be happy knowing you are all staying safe and well.

In the next couple of days I will get a unique password out to you, so that we can do live lessons from the classroom. But until them I will upload work daily. Work will be available from 7am, but I am happy for you to work to your own timetable. When we go to live teaching we will have morning registration and set lessons through out the day. You will also be able to submit work online so I can mark it straight away.

I will be able to explain this process to you in more detail in the next few days.

So, work for today.

I have put spellings on the website under spellings, please do the following;

  1. look, cover, write check at least 5 times for each word.
  2. Look up the meaning of each word and put it into a sentence.
  3. Write out your sentence 3 times to practise your joined handwriting.

Reading – Fiction Express

Little Shop of Ghosts

Read Chapter 1


Then complete quiz


Then complete extension activities, you can do them all or take your pick. (I have been made aware that this link is not working, so try this one instead, I will remove the first one)



Multiplication and Division

Revisiting x2, x4, x8

Please watch the video and complete worksheet. You do not have to print it out, you can work in a book or on paper.




English Writing/ grammar/ punctuation




Now that you have revisited these, (We have covered these in class last term) can you write about your Christmas holidays. Include detail as I would expect; noun phrases, prepositions, mixture of starter sentences, varied punctuation. Remember your gateway keys. Handwritten and uploaded or completed on computer is fine. PLEASE REMEMEBER THAT I WILL STILL EXPECT WORK OF A GOOD STANDARD . SO CHECK IT BEFORE SENDING TO ME. 🙂

Then send to my email for today.


Have a great day!

Mrs Roberts