Grinshill – Monday 20th April 2020 to Friday 24th April 2020

Good morning!

I hope you have all had a lovely Easter.

Part A

  1. You need to log on to FICTION EXPRESS you need to email me for you login details (this was sent out in email before Easter.)
  2. Find the book called ‘ The Island At The End Of The Bed’ – read chapter 1 and complete the quiz then complete the following work.

Chapter 1 work

This can be done in your exercise books, you do not need to print it out, but you can if you want to.

Tuesday – Chapter 2

Chapter 2 activities

Wednesday – chapter 3

chapter 3 activities

Thursday – Chapter 4

chapter 4 activities

Friday – Chapter 5

chapter 5 activities

Part B

Log on to:

Week 1 – Fractions – Unit and non-unit fractions

Monday – Lesson one

Tuesday – Lesson two

Wednesday – Lesson three

Thursday – Lesson four

Friday – Lesson five

You will see a home learning section.  Click the pick tab. Then on the right hand side there are year group sections. Our class are going to be using Year 3. Click year 3. This then takes you to year 3 page. Then click on week 1. Lesson 1 will open. You are ONLY to do 1 lesson per day. Then follow the daily lesson guidance. All work can be done in your exercise books. If you need a maths book please call in to school to get one.


Part C

Complete daily activities:

Spellings – look, cover, write, check

Handwriting practise with spellings – putting into a sentence.

10 minutes on times tables – you can use times tables rock starts for this.


Part D – Afternoon activities

Go to Classroom Secrets and click on home learning – Home learning Timetable – Year group 3 or 4 and choose what you want to do. (It should be on the front page)

There are loads of ideas on here.