Spelling overview summer term part 2 – Grinshill

Each week we learn strategies and rules for spellings and we pick the spellings that have been the trickiest over the week  to bring home to practise. We have  our test on Monday morning.

Wk1.  Reviewing common exception words from year 2. Year 3 and 4 word list

Wk2.  Reviewing ‘ar’ sound after W. New learning the ‘i’ sound spelt ‘y’ elsewhere than at the end of words.

Wk3. Reviewing adding -ing, -ed, -er, -est, -en to words.   New learning word families based on common words.

Wk4. Reviewing suffixes -ment, -ness, -ful, -ly. New learning contractions.

Wk5. Reviewing homophones and near homophones year 2. New learning year 3 homophones and near homophones.

Wk6.More homophones. Revisit personal spellings.

Wk7. Revisit spellings over the year.