Spellings in Grinshill – w/c Tuesday 20th September 2022

This week we are concentrating on spelling rules.

  1. If the verb ends in two consonant letters the endings -ed and -ing are simply added on. eg. ask asked asking.
  2. If the final two letters are a single vowel followed by a sing consonant, double the last consonant before adding -ed or -ing. e.g. pat = patted/ patting or stop = stopped/ stopping, rub = rubbed/ rubbing , flap = flapped/ flapping, nod = nodded/ nodding.
  3. The y is changed to an ‘i’ before adding -ed BUT NOT -ing. e.g. reply= replied/ replying. spy = spied/ spying, marry = married/ marrying, fancy = fancied/ fancying, study = studied/ studying, worry = worried/ worrying.
  4. The -e at the end of the root word is dropped before adding -ing or -ed. e.g. bare = baring/ bared, care= caring/ cared, doze = dozing/ dozed, move = moving/ moved, place = placing/ placed, prove = proving/ proved, stare = staring/ stared.

The children will be practising these over the week, with a mini test on Friday. A selection of ten will be sent home to practise.

Thank you for your support.

Please ensure spelling books are in school everyday.