Stiperstones online learning – Tuesday 5th January 2020

Hi Stiperstones class,

Happy new year!

I hope you have all had a lovely Christmas break.

For today, until  you have passwords to access your learning in real time via teams, I will upload work to this class page, as we did during the last lockdown, so that you can do the work from there.


For English, I am going to ask you to write a diary entry about your Christmas holidays. This is what we would have been doing in class today.

You can either choose a single day to write about, or write about a few days. Either way, make sure you include lots of detail, including expanded noun phrases to describe (with commas between adjectives (e.g. the giant, beautiful, green tree) and adverbs to describe verbs (e.g. I woke excitedly).

Remember to focus on your handwriting, ensuring you write joined and as neatly as possible. Also, think about your basic punctuation – this needs tightening up!

Remember full stops to end each sentence and capital letters to start each new sentence and for names of people or places (proper nouns).


In maths we were going to be multiplying and dividing by 6.

Here is a  video to follow so that you can still do the same learning.


Here is the maths worksheet that corresponds with the video –

Multiply and divide by 6 work sheet

You will need to have this to work on at the same time as playing the video. The video will tell you when to pause the video and complete each part of the sheet. If you can not print the sheet, do not worry! You can write your answers on paper or in a work book.


Reading Comprehension 

For reading comprehension, please read the text and then answer the questions in full sentences.

Mo Farah Reading Comprehension Activity


As we were not in school on Monday and this meant that P.E was missed, please follow this Joe Wicks exercise video as our first P.E session this week.


For R.E, please can you create a mind map of everything that you think of when you think of the word ‘God’. There are no right or wrong answers and all ideas are valid. You can even draw a picture in the middle of what you envision that a ‘God’ may look like.


Remember everyone, you will also need to be accessing Times Tables Rockstars throughout lockdown and will also need to be reading for at least 15 minutes a day to an adult.

Additionally, I will upload your Spellings onto the Stiperstones spelling page on this website each Thursday like usual.

Keep up the hard work  and feel free to email Mrs Winwood on her admin email address if you have any questions for me or if you would like to show me any of your fabulous work.

Stay safe Stiperstones!

Miss L-J