Stiperstones Work Wednesday 1st April and Thursday 2nd April 2020

Good morning Stiperstones!

I hope you are all enjoying the tasks. If you struggle with any concepts from the activities I am setting on here for you, BBC bitesize is a good website that explains things if you are unsure of what something means or how to do something – so don’t panic if something seems tricky! Also, remember you can always ask a grown up or a sibling for help.

As well as the usual tasks (reading a reading book to a grown up, times tables and spellings) I have set Reading comprehension tasks on Reading Eggs for you (remember to click on Reading Eggspress rather than reading eggs to find it) – You will have either  Year 4 or Year 5 tasks assigned to you.

Also, Attached to this post you will have some practise sheets for Adding and Subtracting fractions (this will be similar to the work on Education City from Tuesday – just a bit more practise for you that you can do in your home exercise books!) There is also an answer sheet for you to check your work after you have had a good go yourselves, or you could ask an adult to check your answers with you. You can work through the reading eggs comprehension and the maths sheets (below) today and tomorrow (Wednesday and Thursday).

Adding Fractions

Subtracting Fractions 

I wonder if any of you have tried any baking? Here is a picture of some banana bread I have made at home this week!


Just a little thought, if you do not have the ingredients to do some baking, but like the idea, over the next two days why don’t you draw a design for a lovely cake that you would love to make ? Think creatively! What might your ingredients be ? I would love to see any designs you come up with, I bet they will look a lot more exciting than my cake! Remember you can send in any work you would like me to see to Mrs Winwood’s email address.

I hope your Russian culture research is going well too!

Have fun and keep safe everyone,

Miss L-J

Adding and Subtracting Fractions – Answers