Thursday 23rd September 2021 – Home Learning

There is homework on Education City to complete.


Thursday 23rd September

Answers Thursday 23rd September


Practise joining with the following spellings and sentences;

payment     – Bob regretfully couldn’t make the payment.
amazement    –  To my amazement, he arrived on time.
amusement    – To my amusement, my friend burst out laughing.
nourishment    –   A plant needs the correct nourishment to grow.
punishment –    The judge handed out a harsh punishment to the criminal.

In English we are continuing to read our book ‘The Seal Surfer’

We are writing 3 paragraphs today about the build-up to the accident.

Paragraph 1 – Before the accident – the boy having fun, chatting with his friends, showing cool surf moves.

Paragraph 2 – The accident – Surfing with seal, fell off, sank into water, crashed on rocks, rescued seals.

Paragraph 3 – After the accident – Felt relieved, felt safe, grateful to seal, amazed, friends for life, friends worried, felt fine, carried on surfing.


Today we are looking at healthy eating – can you design a plate of food that is healthy, draw it and write about it.


Can you do some light exercise at home (Only if you are feeling well enough)

Have a good day, hope to see you back soon.

Mrs Roberts