Tuesday 28th April 2020

Good morning!

I hope you all enjoyed the first chapter of the new book, and you have all voted on the next chapter. This will be released in a couple of days so in the meantime I will upload another book for you to read.

I will post new chapter when it comes out 🙂

Banana Boy Slides Again

Chapter 1 and chapter 2 please and the 10 question quiz, them complete comprehension activities in link below.

Chapter 1 comprehansion work

chapter 2 comprehension

2. White Rose Maths – week 2 lesson 2


3. Daily spelling and handwriting practice.

Extra ideas

Maths – adding 3 digit numbers


English – Identifying adverbs


Start singing


I know the weather isn’t quite as nice as it has been , but try to get some fresh air.

Have a good day and stay safe 🙂

Mrs Roberts