Wednesday 22nd September – Home Learning


wednesday 23rd September


Use the following sheets to work on suffixes, which is our focus in spelling this week.

Wednesday 23rd September part 1

Wednesday 23rd September part 2


Wednesday 22nd September

Wednesday 22nd September answers


There are several reasons why you need to start a new paragraph.

  1. Change of place.
  2. Change of time.
  3. Change of person.
  4. Change of event.
  5. Change of speaker.

In the Seal Surfer, so far we have learnt the following. There were some bad gales and storms during the winter, the old man and the boy thought the seal pup had died, until the boy started surfing in the summer. The seal pup loved surfing alongside the boy and they surfed each day together. Until, one day there was an accident, the boy fell off his surfboard and fell into the water and bumped his head on the rocks.

Can you write a couple of paragraphs based on the five times a paragraph would change? Include the facts in the story so far, to include conversations between the characters. This could be the grandad, the boy, the boy’s friends on the beach. Maybe the boy talks to the seal.


In class we are going to looking at rocks again, but this time describing the properties and conducting some simple tests.

Can you find some different rocks in your garden 3 or 4 would be good. Also the following;

  • a penny
  • a steel nail
  • vinegar (clear distilled is best) the other will work.
  • chalk
  • water – small cup.

List the rocks by description, then test them for;

  • Hardness – by scratching each rock in turn. Write did if scratch or not.
  • Permeable or impermeable – add a few drops of water onto the rock, did it absorb the water (Permeable) didn’t (impermeable).
  • Reaction – Add a few drops of vinegar onto each stone, did it react (fizz).

Then you can write a short paragraph to explain your findings.


You can bring your work into school when you return, or email to the school office.

Hope to see you all in class soon.

Mrs Roberts – Class Teacher