Wednesday 29th April 2020

Hello everyone!

The weather isn’t very nice at the moment, but try to get a little fresh air, put on your wellies and coat and stand in the rain. See what you can see, hear and smell. I love the smell of the grass in the rain. It may inspire you to write a poem or draw a wet day picture. I would love to see what you come up with.

  1. Maths – White Rose – Day 3

Extra maths – Subtracting 3 digit numbers

2. English

Reading – Fiction Express

Chapter 3 and quiz, followed by comprehension questions in the link.

chapter 3 comprehension

Writing and Grammar

Identifying Verbs

Writing sentences

Daily activities – spellings and handwriting

PM – Geography – map skills

Have a good day!

Stay safe and be kind 🙂

Mrs Roberts