Monday 30th March 2020 – Friday 3rd April

Good morning everyone!

I have had some lovely work sent in to school this week, which can be seen on Grinshill class page. You all look like you are having fun!

This week I am putting a few things on for you to try.

1. Daily activities

2. Online activities e.g. Times tables Rock Stars, Reading eggs and education city (I have loaded several English and maths activities)

3. Can you make a sock puppet? Try this link

You could them act out a scene from a favourite book or film. I may make a Harry Potter set 🙂

Please post your pictures of your puppets to school admin

4. You could decorate some stones with thoughtful words, HOPE, LOVE

5. You could take inspiration from our wall on the playground and decorate an area at home (Check with mummy and daddy first) Or upscale an old picture frame.

5. You could make an Easter card. Try this on twinkle I will add the link.


6. I have also included a selection of Easter activities.


7. You could also make an Easter Bonnet/ hat

8. Paint a Spring Themed picture

9. Try and draw a member of your family/ pet, then you could paint it in different colour like Andy Warhol (Pop Art)

10. Make some Easter Nest cakes

I would love to see what you make., I am not in everyday but if you send to the office I will pick it up on the days that I am in school.


Please remember that you are not expected to work all day, enjoy spending time with you family, get outside, play a board game together.