Our Values and Ethos

Our core values:

Love, hope and respect.Trust and perseverance.

Our mission is to provide a school that is a relaxed, caring, safe environment in which children feel secure and valued, where we can nurture confidence, pride and responsibility alongside a balance of good discipline.
We are a neighbourhood village school welcoming all children whatever their parents’ beliefs. As a Church of England school Christianity is emphasised, both by example and by teaching. A high priority is attached to strong links between the home, school and parish, with active involvement of the foundation governors and local clergy. The school aims to develop in the children a sympathetic understanding of the Christian faith, and an understanding of other major world faiths, cultures and customs.
We pride ourselves on providing every child with a well-balanced education in a supportive, stimulating atmosphere with the efficient and effective use of resources available.

We try to achieve our mission statement through our school aims. These aims have been generated by our children. These are their wishes for their time at this primary school:

  • We want to be happy at school
  • We want to feel safe and secure at school
  • We want to be able to talk well with others
  • We want to learn to be confident
  • We want to learn lots of different things
  • We want to know how we learn best
  • We want to learn how to learn
  • We want to learn to work with others
  • We want to get ready to be a grown up
  • We want to get ready for secondary school
  • We want our school to look nice