Welcome to the PTFA section of our website.

Who are we?

The PTFA (Parent Teacher Friend Association) refers to ALL parents, carers, relatives and teaching staff who support the Children of Bomere Heath CE Primary School.

Did you know that you become a member as soon as your child joins the School?

What do we do?

We provide those much appreciated extras by raising funds and having fun. Your children are always at the heart of the decision making process.

The parents, friends and teachers of the PTFA discuss and decide what the money raised will be spent on. The children are also involved in the consultation.

Past and Current Events:

  • Pyjama Days
  • Christmas Fayres
  • Summer Fetes
  • Family Bingo Nights
  • Children’s Disco
  • Uniform Sales

What has been added to the School?

  • New play time equipment
  • Books
  • Outside Trim Trail
  • Payment for coach transport for pantomime and school trips
  • Playtime equipment
  • Class games for wet play

If we all give a little, your children gain a lot!

Get on board! Don’t delay- talk to us today!


Roanna Keay 07869 697847 (Treasurer)

Kerry Davies (Secretary)

Janine Warren (Chairperson)