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Welcome to our Class

Welcome to Wrekin Class –  Year Five and Six pupils!

We have 23 Y5/6 pupils in class and are taught by Mr Field.


Class Rules and Weekly Timetable

We use Class Dojos to record good behaviour!

Homework handed out- Friday

Homework to be handed in – Wednesday (Following week!)

PE – Tuesday (Mr Field) and Thursday (Sports Teacher)

Links to Online Resources

Education City

My Maths

BBC Bitesize

Curriculum Planning

Planning Overview Wrekin Summer 2024

Knowledge Organisers Summer 2024 Da vinci year 5 and 6 drawing (1) UKS2 – Creation and Science – Conflicting or Complementary UKS2 – How can following God bring freedom and justice Wrekin – Online Safety (1) Wrekin – Programming B Sensing Movement Around the World. Italy focus. (1)

Knowledge Organisers Spring 2024:  KS2 – The Roman Empire Spring Term Heart and Lungs year 6 Spring Term year 6 Electricity Wrekin – Creating media – Web page creation wrekin printing Wrekin Spring 2024 Food

Planning Overview Wrekin Aut 23

Knowledge Organisers Autumn 2023: DT Bomere Cams Wrekin KS2 – Vikings, Anglo-Saxons and Scots textiles wrekin Anni Albers UKS2 – What would Jesus do UKS2 – Why do some people believe in God and some people not Wrekin – Computing systems and networks – Communication and collaboration Wrekin – Online Safety (1)

Knowledge Organisers Summer 2023: Wrekin – Online Safety Summer Wrekin – Creating media – Video production Summer term year 6 electricity Summer term year 5 forces Geography Wrekin Rivers Canals and Disaster Summer 2023 DT Wrekin Mechanisms Pulleys Gears collage wrekin Gauguin

Knowledge Organisers Spring 2023: Wrekin KOs



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