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Welcome to Stiperstones class!

We are a Year 4 and 5 mix class. Our teacher is Mrs Quigley and our teaching assistants are Miss Steadman and Mr Lack.

Each term knowledge organisers will be added

Knowledge Organisers for Spring 2023

Art RE2 RE DT Crime and Punishment Knowledge Organiser computing computing 2 science Earth and Space science Forces Science Mixtures and Reactions


Knowledge Organisers for Summer 2023

Art – Gauguin computing- Creating Media – Editing Photos Computing- Online Safety DT Levers and Linkages Geography Rivers, Canals and Disasters Science decay and recycling year 5 6 Science classification year 4 Science Human development year 5 6 Thomas Telford


Knowledge Organisers for Autumn 2023

Art – textiles – Anni Albers Computing – Creating Media – Audio Production Computing – Online Safety Geography Anglo Saxons History – Vikings, Anglo-Saxons and Scots RE – What is the worldwide church RE – Why is light an important sign at Christmas Science – Digestion Science – Electricity  

DT Bomere Cams Stiperstones


Knowledge Organisers for Spring 2024

Art – Printing – Warhol        science – sound       Science- Classification

Design and technology Year 4       Design and technology year 5    Computing – Data and information – Data logging  Re – What kind of world did Jesus want – Digging Deeper         The Roman Empire

Knowledge Organisers for Summer 2024

Art -Da Vinci year 3 and 4 drawing Art -Da Vinci year 5 and 6 drawing RE – Why is the Torah so important to Jewish people (1) RE – When Jesus left, what was the impact of pentecost – Digging Deeper (1) Science – Human development year 5 6 Stiperstones – Online SafetyStiperstones – Programming B – Repetition in Games Around the World. Italy focus.  DT Y3 4 StructuresDT Y5 6 Structures

Knowledge Organisers for Autumn 2024

Art – Sculpture- Giocometti year 5-6 Art – Sculpture – Giocometti year 3-4  computing – online safety    Computing systems and networks—The internet KS2 – The Ancient GreeksKS2 – Ancient Greece (Where is Greece) Year 4 Digestionyear 4 electricityYear 5 Earth and Spaceyear 5 Life Cycles RE- What does it mean to be Hindu in Britain today





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